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Does it really take 9-12 months to make a gown? When do I have to order my gown?

By adminxs | June 20, 2017

All of our gowns are made to order and based on the designer’s production schedule, a gown can take as few as three months or as many as six to make. Give yourself plenty of time for your alterations and make sure you have your gown for long enough prior to your wedding that you are not stressing about it in the months prior! There are a lot of things that can wait, but I don’t think a gown should be one of them. It’s hard for the show to go on when the bride doesn’t have a dress! There are no rules about how long it should take to find or how many you should try on. Some brides buy the first, some take months of trying–it all depends on what you want. Once you find a gown that excites you, that you feel good in, that you want to wear on that special day, go ahead and say yes! And then expect to feel relieved that you didn’t wait ’til the last minute!