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Ask the Experts

Have a question? Email us and we'll be happy to answer. In the meantime, here are some of our most commonly asked questions, answered by Salon Owner Marlis and Salon Director Carrie:

I heard that you offer alterations at your salon–is that true?

That is correct, we do offer in-house alterations. Michelle Garcia is the Salon Director.

The White Dress offers two highly skilled couture seamstresses to conduct fittings within 2 months of your wedding day. Please be sure to call or email us for a personal consultation.

Are appointments necessary or can I just stop on in?

Yes, and yes. Clients with appointments will receive priority in the shop, however if we have a stylist and a time slot available, we will be happy to help you. If not, we may have an open time in an hour or two, allowing you time for lunch or a beverage at any of our neighboring businesses. All appointments are one-on-one with a salon stylist. The stylist is there to help you select gowns, change in and out of gowns and answer your questions. For these reasons, we do not allow brides to try on gowns without the assistance of a stylist. Trust us, your experience will be worth the wait (if any!) You are always welcome to come on in and see what’s new. We will do our best to help and appreciate your patience. Shopping for wedding gowns can be a delicate, emotional experience. Please allow us to give you our complete attention as we offer you an experience unlike any other.

What can I expect during my appointment? Should I be prepared with anything?

First of all, expect to have a fun, laid-back experience. Come ready for a good time and be prepared to find a dress you will love. You and your team will be introduced to your stylist, who will get to know you and your personal style. It’s always helpful to bring tear-sheets of styles you are attracted to. Your stylist will show you to a room and seating area for friends and family, then show you through the salon, collecting styles that are of interest to you. Your stylist will help you change in the dressing room, so be sure to wear undergarments that will meet you comfort/modesty level. Then, be prepared to woo your friends and family with our exquisite gowns!

Does it really take 9-12 months to make a gown? When do I have to order my gown?

All of our gowns are made to order and based on the designer’s production schedule, a gown can take as few as three months or as many as six to make. Give yourself plenty of time for your alterations and make sure you have your gown for long enough prior to your wedding that you are not stressing about it in the months prior! There are a lot of things that can wait, but I don’t think a gown should be one of them. It’s hard for the show to go on when the bride doesn’t have a dress! There are no rules about how long it should take to find or how many you should try on. Some brides buy the first, some take months of trying–it all depends on what you want. Once you find a gown that excites you, that you feel good in, that you want to wear on that special day, go ahead and say yes! And then expect to feel relieved that you didn’t wait ’til the last minute!

I’ve been told that I need to order a ‘build-up.’ What is a build-up?

A ‘build-up’ is a customized gown that offers increased modesty for religious or personal reasons. A build-up typically involves adding fabric to the top of the gown to create a bateau or jewel neckline and sleeves. Our expert stylists are well-versed in build-ups and will happily recommend the best styles to accommodate this modification.

Do you ever sell your floor samples at a discount? Are they still nice enough to wear on my big day? I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a ‘used’ dress.

We rotate our stock on a regular basis and pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our store and our samples. We frequently sell samples in an effort to make space for the new gowns we have arriving all the time. This works in your favor, as the samples are in excellent condition and are available at a sizeable discount! Be sure to let your stylist know that you are interested in trying on samples. Additionally, we have our “Big Sale” twice a year, so be sure to check the site for dates–the line forms early, so bring some coffee and a blanket–the wait is well worth it!

I’m plus-sized. I know your samples run in a standard size that I might not fit into. How do I decide on a dress I can’t try on?

The White Dress has samples in numerous sizes, including many to accommodate our plus-sized brides. Beyond that, our expert stylists will fit the gown to a form and show you how the final product will look based on your proportions. Bring an open mind and your positive attitude.

What is a trunk show?

Our Designers create new collections twice a year. A trunk show is your chance to see everything from the new collections–including styles just off the New York runways, not yet avaialble in stores. Often, the Designer or a representative of the Designer will be available to help you find the perfect look. Trunk shows are exciting becauses you may fall in love with a gown no one has ever seen before–but come prepared! The gown you love may not be in store til next year, so the Trunk Show is your chance to take the plunge!