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Corona Del Mar,
CA 92625
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221 East Oak Street,
1A Bozeman,
Montana 59715

Designer: Dana Harel


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ashion has always been an integral part of my family’s history, shaping my artistic path in profound ways. My grandmother, a resilient fashion designer who emerged after the Holocaust, and my grandfather, who steered a successful women’s clothing business in post-war Germany, have been my guiding lights. Their stories of strength and success have inspired me to pursue my dreams in the world of design. Thirteen years ago, I completed my fashion education, brimming with skills and a vision to leave my mark on the bridal fashion scene. Driven by a burning desire to bring my unique perspective to life, I leaped and established my own business just two years later. I started from humble beginnings, dedicating countless hours to refining my craft in the basement of my house. As my commitment and talent shone through, the fashion world began to take notice. This led me to open my first atelier in the prestigious “Kikar Hamedina,” the heart of luxury fashion in Tel Aviv. It was a strategic move that allowed me to showcase my exquisite bridal designs to a discerning clientele who appreciated my distinct style. Fueled by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, I recently relocated my studio to a magnificent four-floor atelier in the vibrant southern region of Tel Aviv. This new space encapsulates every aspect of my creative process under one roof. From the boutique, where brides can immerse themselves in my captivating collections, to the workshop where skilled artisans bring my designs to life, and the offices and storeroom that seamlessly orchestrate my operations – everything is meticulously crafted in-house.